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You don’t have to hire advertising manager for a huge amount of money in order to get the message to the right audience. Because that audience is already assembled and ready to be contacted.


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 features of the Telegram HERO


Message spamming: Spam users, chats, closed chats. Attach photos, files, emoticons to text. Fine-tune your work to get an instant response. You can also spam with buttons in the text, images and voice messages.


The powerful Telegram Tools 4 inviter allows you to invite thousands of users to your chats automatically.

Free Users

Your account base can be used to subscribe to the right chats/channels/bots. Get more subscribers/views


You can spam posts from channels to attract a target audience to your channel or to advertise in a post.


Get target audience bases from the groups you need in a couple of seconds. You can search both open and closed groups by specifying the activity you need (5 minutes, an hour, a day).

. Checking a phone number

Check your Telegram phone number bases for availability. Simply download a database of numbers and save ready logins or registered numbers.


Did finish spamming? Great! Now you can turn on an autoresponder to respond with the answers you want.

Free likes

Get likes/responses on your channels. Simulate user activity in a very simple and effective way.

Chat Parser

This is not just a parser of people from chat rooms. It's a chat parser. Write the topic you want and get dozens of targeted chats from which you can spar with people.



Spamer / Inviter / Parser

Fast parser

3 types of parser


Allows you to parse a list of chats at once. Allows you to parse phone numbers. Allows you to load multiple tags and get dozens of times more groups than usual. Standard (x10) and strong (x30) depth is available.


flexible group invitations


: Automatically mark accounts that have been used for invites. Invite only from accounts that have avatars for less restrictions for the group. Invite by phone number


Fast and stable work. There is a template builder. You can send voice messages


The message builder allows you to send a specific sequence of messages of different types. Up to 5 different message types per dialog


More than just top software. This is a business tool, ready to instantly find your target audience and offer your product or service. You don’t have to spend money on a targeting expert or advertising manager to get your message to the right audience, because it’s already assembled and open to communication.

Lure customers from your competitors with a parser. Gather customer base (2000 people) in 20 seconds

60 messages per minute. Sell daily by sending messages personally to users

Create your own chat room with your target audience

Accounts communicate with your customers according to a set scenario Screenshots

telegram hero


The design of the program is made as simple and convenient as possible

customer feedback

Telegram Hero Cases

Attention. Prime» subscription is available only if you have a standard license

Telegram HERO

Standart license (Forever)
$ 100 Lifetime license
  • Spam
  • Inviter
  • Free reactions
  • Reposter
  • Chat parser
  • Subscriber parser
  • Phone Number Checker
  • Autoresponder


OS: Windows 7 or newer

Processor: 1 GHz, x64 capable

Memory: 1GB RAM or larger

Internet: at least 512 kbit/sec.

Yes, Telegram Hero will run on virtual machines. The bit capacity of your system must be 64

The license is given forever and is tied to one computer.

License extension +1 computer (1000 rubles)

Re-linking to another computer (500 rubles)


PRIME monthly subscription


PRIME is a paid subscription for 1 month. Cost is 1500 rubles per month.


You can buy Prime subscription only if you have a standard license.


With the subscription PRIME you get:


Multithreading without system load.

Voice messaging

Smart account holding

Deep thematic groups search

Advanced parser that can parse phone numbers too

Improved inviter (invites by phone number as well)

In addition to Telegram Hero, you get detailed instructions, access to private chat and to tech support, which will help and advise you. You also get access to the forum section with tutorials, guides and useful tips.

When you buy software, not only are you buying a digital product, but you are getting access to an entire ecosystem, including verified sellers. 1 account costs from 17 rubles (0.005$)

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